Świebodzki Market of Culture

Visual Identities

Świebodzki Market of Culture

The Market of Culture is a cultural festival held at the Train Station Świebodzki in Wrocław, Poland. For four days the place becomes an arena for various cultural events including an open-air cinema, a theatre or creative workshops for children. One can try regional food, listen to a concert or bring a bike to a professional repair shop.

The name of the festival refers to the market which for many years operated at the Wrocław train station.

Our project consisted of a set of graphics illustrating various events. These graphics were then used to create a variety of compositions for the purpose of posters, flyers, banners, bags, flags, sunbeds etc. The compilation of icons refers to the stalls with diverse goods that once the station was full of.

Polish National Railways, 2014
project manager: Marta Malesińska, designer: Magdalena Paszewska


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