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MediaLab Workshops

The goal of MediaLab workshops is to bring together specialists from different disciplines (computer scientists, designers, artists) to work on projects that employ new media and new technologies. The concept of MediaLab is to combine activities related to the latest trends in the field of culture and technology with the traditional idea of DIY and creative workshops. It is understood not only as a critical ability to receive and use of the media. It also envisages the possibility of shaping these media on an individual basis. The program includes workshops during which participants learn to modify the code – the foundation of digital media software. In this way the means of expression are not limited to the embedded functions. These functions can be modified by the creator, and therefore the author may independently develop the tools he uses.

The concept above was the starting point of our project. We did not want to create the traditional visual identity. Instead, we developed a set of codes with a predefined range of colors and a collection of quotes, which were later subjected to random deconstruction. In this way, we received an infinite number of typographical compositions that were applied on posters and gadgets (bags and badges). This experiment allowed us to break away from the classical design – code became our design tool.

Media Lab Opole, 2013
designers: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska


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