Natan the Wiseman

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Natan the Wiseman

Design of the promotional materials for the theatre play “Nathan the Wise”, directed by Natalia Korczakowska.

The program was printed in two Pantone colors: black and gold. Inside it contains a calque insert with abstract illustrations which when stacked form a shape of a human face. This effect represents the issues contemplated by protagonists – questions on identity, questions on reality closed in fixed formulas (religious or moral), as well as and the position of a living, emotional human being within a world of abstract concepts.

The typography is based on the juxaposition of geometric Futura and Baskerville – neoclassical, rationalistic typeface originating from the epoch the play was written.

National Theatre, Warsaw, 2012
designers: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska


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