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board game Nomino Planet

The game revolves around a research expedition to the planet Nomino. Scientists are set on a mission of finding and cataloguing the extraterrestrial inhabitants of the planet.
The players’ task is to choose the best name for each creature and have their choices prevail against other players’ choices.

The biggest challenge for us as designers was to create the wide variety of Nomino’s inhabitants. They had to be created in a way that would evoke associations with existing real objects, so as a player could match them with names, where names are a funny compilation of Polish words.
At the same time we wanted to make the world of the planet Nomino surprising and rich in its diversity. We thus decided to assign this task not to one but three illustrators. Each of them designed only a fragment of a creature that was later supplemented by another illustrator. Each piece was additionally assigned to a particular category of objects: e.g. kitchen tools, vehicles, etc. In this way a series of sixty-seven otherworldly characters was created. Some of them surprisingly resemble an iron crossed with a snail or a pan of scrambled eggs with jet engines.

TREFL SA, 2015
designers: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska; mechanic’s author: Karol Madaj


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