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board game “Queue”

Board game “Queue”refers to the times of Polish People’s Republic. The players’ task seems to be simple: they have to send members of their family equipped with a shopping list to shops on the board. The problem is that the shelves in the five available stores are empty, and in addition it is unknown when and how goods will be “thrown” to which store. One round lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Our studio was responsible for the graphic design of “Queue” and then participated in the development of the next eight editions. “Queue” was first published in Poland, later in Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, France and Romania. In total, over 100.000 copies were published. There were press releases about “Queue” in more than 150 countries. In 2012 the game won the title of “Game of the Year” – it was for the first time a Polish board game was granted that award. “Queue” also got a “Must Have” distinction on Lodz Design Festival. In 2014 “Queue” was presented at the exhibition “48 Social Club” in Tokyo. In 2015 “Queue” qualified for the finals of the German competition for illustrators Graf Ludo.

The Institute of National Rememberance, 2011
designers: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska; mechanic’s author: Karol Madaj


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