Warsaw is Reading, 1st edition

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Warsaw is Reading, 1st edition

The concept of “Warsaw is Reading” was based on the initiative “One City One Book”, which takes the idea of a book club discussion from the library rooms into the open urban space.

“Warsaw is Reading” launched in 2013, and since then three editions have taken place. Every year a book is selected which provides the inspiration for all sorts of activities such as debates, workshops, city games, art installations and concerts. In each book we try to find elements that can be referred to in the city of Warsaw – its current problems, the challenges it faces, the individual inhabitants.

“Warsaw is Reading” was thought as an independent action organized by a group of urban activists (Manuka has the pleasure and honour to be part of the team), without the support of public institutions. Each edition is subject to evaluation: every year we try to improve the formula, while always remaining firmly anchored to our core values. We care about inclusiveness and for egalitarian forms of participation in culture and the social life of the city.

In 2013 we organized dozens of events around the book “Cwaniary” by Polish writer Sylwia Chutnik. There were debates, city games, cycling trips and poetry slam. The 2013 edition was attended by over 1 000 people.

The visual identity of “Warsaw is Reading” is directly inspired by the urban space. We used the typeface “Drogowskaz”, used in Poland for road signs. The simplistic colour set also refers to street signage. These two elements allowed us to create a flexible visual identity system.

The design of promotional materials was created by a number of external designers, hence the large variety of illustrative material. However, with distinctive colors and typography we managed to strike an appropriate level of consistency. For the purpose of “Warsaw is Reading” our studio designed the booklet “A Guide for urban readers” with articles and essays on the chosen book, as well as posters, leaflets, badges and bookmarks.

Warsaw’s Reading, 2013
designers: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska, Marta Przybył, Marianna Wybieralska


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